Welcome to TODA Academy, a vibrant hub where the art of furniture craftsmanship comes alive through shared experiences, collective learning, and a passion for innovation. At TODA, we recognize that the journey of mastering furniture manufacturing is a collaborative one, where both our experts and participants play the role of learners. TODA Academy isn't just a workshop; it's a haven for enthusiasts, makers, and professionals to come together, exchange insights, and celebrate the beauty of creating exquisite furniture.

Unveiling TODA Academy: A Haven of Shared Experiences 

Step into the world of TODA Academy, where workshops are more than just instructional sessions – they're interactive platforms for participants to share their experiences, stories, and challenges. Our carefully curated workshops are designed to foster a sense of community, where everyone's voice is heard, and every perspective is valued. Whether you're a seasoned furniture maker or a newcomer to the craft, TODA Academy offers a space where learning is a collective endeavor.


Craftmanship in Motion: Embracing the Journey Together

TODA Academy workshops invite you to immerse yourself in the journey of furniture craftsmanship, alongside fellow enthusiasts who are equally passionate about the art. Led by both our seasoned experts and participants, each workshop is a blend of guidance and shared wisdom. From exploring the nuances of materials like PVC leather, our exclusive Smart PU and upholstery fabric to diving into the intricacies of furniture leg design or recliner frame, TODA Academy is a place where each participant's unique perspective contributes to the collective tapestry of knowledge.


Learning from Each Other: Where Experts are Learners Too 

At TODA Academy, our experts wear the dual hat of guides and learners, recognizing that every participant brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table. The workshop setting encourages open dialogue, allowing experts and participants to exchange ideas, experiment with techniques, and explore fresh perspectives. In this shared learning environment, everyone has a role to play, and every question sparks a journey of discovery.


Connecting Hearts and Minds: A Comunity of Passion

Beyond the confines of traditional workshops, TODA Academy is a dynamic community united by a common love for furniture craftsmanship. It's a space where you can connect with fellow makers, share your triumphs and challenges, and draw inspiration from diverse stories. TODA Academy's vibrant community extends beyond workshop hours, creating lasting connections and collaborations that enrich your craft and expand your horizons.

Crafting Your Experience: Tailoring Workshops to You

TODA Academy is your canvas to paint your journey of learning. We believe in crafting workshops that reflect your interests and aspirations. Have a specific aspect of furniture manufacturing you're eager to explore? Let us know, and we'll curate a workshop that resonates with your creative goals. In TODA Academy, every participant shapes the experience, ensuring that each workshop is a personalized voyage of discovery.



TODA Academy is a haven where passionate individuals come together to share, learn, and celebrate the world of furniture craftsmanship. It's a place where experts and participants co-create a tapestry of knowledge, where stories are exchanged, and where connections are forged. As we look ahead to bringing the spirit of TODA Academy to Vietnam, we invite you to be a part of this transformative experience. Stay tuned for updates, join the conversations, and embark on a journey of collaborative learning and growth.


Welcome to TODA Academy – where shared wisdom fuels the flames of creativity, and every participant is a contributor to the story of craftsmanship. Join us, and let's celebrate the beauty of furniture making, one shared experience at a time.