Imagine a fabric that feels like a cloud but doesn't show fingerprints when you touch it. That’s the secret behind this new anti-fingerprint velvet fabric of TODA. We call this magic Holland 006 – our newly launched product.

Why Traditional Velvet Gets Fingerprints

Velvet fabric usually leaves fingerprints because of its long, fuzzy threads. These long threads make the fabric feel luxurious but also hold onto fingerprints easily. This will cause frustration in such a luxurious space when everything is neat and the sofa is a mess of finger-print.

Understanding this pain point, we developed a new fabric that applied new technology in producing velvet fabric. Sit still and enjoy the secrets in our production process of this TODA Holland 006 Fabric.

Crafting Something Special

Creating this special fabric is a careful process. It starts by setting the fabric base, then giving it a shine and softness without changing its strength.

What makes this fabric special is how it's cut. Instead of cutting it once, it goes through a unique process three times. Each cut makes the threads short and super soft, making it feel amazing to touch.

The reason why this fabric doesn’t show fingerprints is because the threads are really short, super soft and gentle. By cutting them in this special way, they stay soft but don’t keep fingerprints. Mostly, velvet fabric leaves fingerprints because they have long hair and it’s easy to move with a light touch.

Enjoy the Difference

Imagine having things made with this fabric – furniture or clothes that feel heavenly to touch but don’t show marks when you handle them. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

This special velvet fabric isn’t just soft and luxurious; it’s also practical. It’s changing how we think about fabric and design.

Feel the luxury without leaving a trace. 🌟